The restaurant
& lounge bar

The chef and his brigade welcome you to the restaurant of the Villa Castellane in Gréoux-les-Bains, for the different gourmet moments of the day.

Our restaurant offers you the choice of lunch or dinner on the large shaded terrace opening onto the hotel's landscaped grounds or indoors in a contemporary space with warm colors, where the open kitchen gives a glimpse of the work of the chef and his brigade.

The restaurant
bistronomic restaurant

You will find the authentic flavors of a traditional bistronomic cooking privileging fresh products, of season, specialities of our Mediterranean soil, around a greedy and refined card.

The restaurant's cellar, in addition to the unavoidable French grands crus, offers a confidential selection of wines from the region's vineyards (IGP/Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Appellation Luberon).

Our privilege: your great wines of Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône, Burgundy ... Served by the glass!

restaurant, lounge bar & grand cru cellar

Gourmet moments in the restaurant of the villa castellane

The restaurant of the Villa Castellane in Gréoux-les-Bains is open every day upon reservation

Morning (Breakfast buffet) from 7am to 10am

Lunch: quick service from 12:00 to 14:30

In the evening : cosy atmosphere from 7pm to 9:30pm

The bar-lounge is open between 11am and 10:30pm

Our map

Lunch and dinner at the restaurant

Suggestions of the moment

  • Starter / Main course or Main course / Dessert 25€

    Valid only for lunch from Monday to Friday

Menu in 2 or 3 steps

  • Starter / Main course or Main course / Dessert 37€
  • Starter / Main course / Dessert 45€


  • Beef with knife, Tartar condiments, Egg mimosa, Black garlic cream

    Goat's cheese from the "Bagatelle" Farm, Buckwheat tuile

  • or
  • Perfectly cooked farm egg,

    Lentils in velouté from the "Richaud Family", Dried organic beef (This dish is also available in vegetarian version)


  • Ballotine of Lamb confit

    Richaud Family" chickpea flour in breadcrumbs, eggplant with Zaatar, black olive Viennoise, garlic juice

  • or
  • Small spelt from the "Richaud Family" in Risotto,

    Red mullet, Celery Rave Emulsion (This dish is available in Vegetarian version)


  • Castellane Pear

    Pear candied in honey, salted butter caramel, vanilla whipped cream, speculoos biscuit

  • or
  • Arlette's Mille-Feuille

    Raspberry mousse, crispy Arlette, lemon meringue

Tasting menu

  • Starter / Two Dishes / Dessert 69€


  • Pressed half-cooked Foie Gras, Celery Branches

    Organic apple juice from "Vergers de la Maurelle", Toasted bread

  • or
  • Ceviche of Sea Bream, Tiger Milk

    Crispy Corn, Lemon Pepper Balls

First dish

  • Medallion of Monkfish in a Saffron Swim next door

    Parsnips in mousse, Leeks candied with Sichuan Pepper

Second course

  • Pan-fried fillet of beef with aromatic herbs, forest duxelles

    Kale, Potato Mille-Feuille, Parsley Siphon

Choice of dessert or cheese

  • Perfect yuzu-coriander combination

    Yuzu lemon mousse, coriander siphon, shortbread

  • Chocolate-coffee delight

    Creamy chocolate-coffee cream, French meringue with coffee, chocolate hazelnut ice cream

  • Castellane Pear

    Pear candied with honey, salted butter caramel, vanilla whipped cream, Speculos breakage

  • Cheese cart

A la carte dishes


  • Beef with knife, Tartar condiments, Egg mimosa, Black garlic cream 18€

    Goat's cheese from the "Bagatelle" Farm, Buckwheat tuile

  • Fresh Cucumber in Gaspacho 18€

    Bagatelle" farm goat, roasted hazelnuts, Melba bread, fried onions

  • Ceviche of sea bream, Tiger milk, avocado guacamole 18€

    Fennel Pickles and Rice Crisp

  • Creamy Stracciatella, Orange-Tonka Balsamic 19€

    Green Tomato Jam from the "Richaud" Farm, Basil Oil, Raspberry and Blackberry, Thyme Focaccia

Our big salads

  • Caesar salad with grilled chicken 16€

    (Romaine salad, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, Parmesan)

  • Shrimp salad sautéed with garlic butter 16€

    (Mesclun de salade, Shrimps)

  • Italian Salad 16€

    (Arugula, Beef heart, Burrata PDO)


  • Confit of beef chuck 8h, Mashed apple with hazelnut butter 27€

    Mini Carrots with Pecan Crunch, Choron Sauce

  • Red Label Farmhouse Poultry Breast 30€

    Crispy Polenta with Dried Fruits, Glazed Mini Zucchini, Madeira Sauce

  • Pasta from the Richaud Farm, Tartufata sauce, Truffle ham 25€
  • Snacked Swordfish, Asian Glaze, Cold Broccoli Velvet 28€

    Smoked Green Wheat, Roasted Sesame

Signature dishes to share

  • Shoulder of Lamb from the House of "Joassan 55€

    Confit with the Scents of Provence, Roasted Apple, Smoked Black Pepper

    *For 2 persons

Desserts or cheese

  • Baba flambé with Combava, sweet spices syrup, 12€

    Fruits of the moment, vanilla whipped cream

  • Grand Cru Chocolate Siphon, Creamy Dulce leche 12€

    Chocolate Biscuit, Spicy Cacao

  • Lemon-Yuzu creamy, Espuma white cheese and Coriander 12€

    Shortbread cookie, Combava meringue

  • Arlette's Raspberry Mille-feuille, Framboise Fraîche 12€

    Bagatelle" farm dishes, lemon meringue

  • Assortment of Ice Creams of the Moment, Crunchy Biscuit, Meringue 12€
  • Cheese cart 15€