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Each Facial Massage reveals the beauty of each person in a unique experience combining technicality and absolute relaxation. Each Cinq Mondes product used during the treatment respects the principle of Diététique de la Peau®, for a targeted and customized effectiveness. The features of the face, neck and décolleté are deeply rested thanks to Dermapuncture®, an exclusive manual acupuncture technique without needles, combined with massage techniques derived from traditional world medicines. 


This unmissable Facial Massage is exclusive to our spas. It is, as the name suggests, an extremely sophisticated facial massage originating in Japan. Ko means ancient, Bi the beauty of the face, and Do the right action.

KO BI DO 80 min (complementary)

  • Global Anti-Aging 80 minutes

    This exceptional treatment combines the power of Dermapuncture® and Ridoki maneuvers for a true natural lifting of the face face, neck and décolleté.

KO BI DO 50 min

  • Redensification 50 minutes

    This "anti-wrinkle" treatment acts deeply on the face and neck, to recover a toned and smoothed skin. and smoothed skin.

KO BI DO 20 min

  • Instant youth 20 minutes

    This facial massage combines the power of the Geto with natural lifting gestures, for immediate immediate results.


In Indonesia, there is a real tradition of ancestral gestures allowing to wake up the brightness of the complexion and to purify the skin thanks to the association of extracts of flowers and tropical fruits.

Flowers and Fruits of Bali 80 min (complementary)

  • Radiance Perfector 80 minutes

    The true zero defect and perfecting treatment for the face, neck and décolleté, thanks to oxygenation techniques combining natural active ingredients of tropical flowers and fruit acids (AHAs). acids (AHAs).

To the 5 Flowers of Bali 50 min

  • Moisturizer 50 minutes

    This care of Balinese origin hydrates in depth and illuminates the skin thanks to the combination of five tropical flowers. Massages of the face, neck and trapezius and trapezius release tension and bring rejuvenation.

Flowers of Bali 20 min

  • Radiance boost 20 minutes

    During this treatment, enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers, for a radiant skin and and a sublimated complexion.



To initiate your spa experience, discover our preparatory treatments* and enjoy a sacred moment for body and mind. Sensory scrubs, hammam with essential oils... for a soft, delicately scented skin that is ready to receive the benefits of your treatment. *The 20-minute preparatory treatments are sold only as a complement to another treatment.


Stretch Hammam 50 min

  • Gentle stretching 50 minutes

    Live an unforgettable experience in the perfumed steam of the hammam. Then go through the traditional steps of the Moroccan ritual composed of an exfoliation exfoliation with Beldi Black Soap and Kassa Glove, followed by a wrap with Rassoul Rassoul Cream associated with gentle softening.

Hammam Aromas and Colors 20 min

  • Comfort 20 minutes

    Discover an authentic hammam experience, a hot steam bath, combining the energetic benefits of aromacology and essential oils and personalized essential oils. A unique sensory journey for the body and mind.
    To discover also for two or privately.


Spicy Aromatic Scrub 20 min

  • Energizing 20 minutes

    Inspired by the Boreh, a traditional recipe from Java based on spices and sea salts. and sea salts. This treatment tones the body with its invigorating scents and leaves the skin delicately satiny.

Sublime Scrub with Monoï de Tahiti 20 min

  • Nourishing 20 minutes

    From the Ra'au, traditional Polynesian pharmacopoeia, this organic preparation based on coconut powder combined with Monoï de Tahiti, leaves the skin soft and soft and silky.

Papaya Puree Scrub 20 min

  • Radiance Revealer 20 minutes

    Let yourself be transported to the kingdom of Siam and its bewitching notes. This composed of papaya and diatomaceous earth exfoliates, perfumes and illuminates your skin.


Invite your senses to discover the benefits of the best massages inherited from traditional medicines of the world. Bali, India, the Orient... each sensory journey provides a unique escape through time and space for a deep regeneration of body and mind. Let yourself be transported by the intoxicating scents and bewitching textures for a lasting soothing effect.

Traditional Oriental Massage Care 20 min / 50 min

  • Sensory 20 min / 50 min

    Travel to the heart of the oriental traditions thanks to this massage which works the whole body with heated argan oil. Enjoy these slow and deep maneuvers for a moment of pure well-being.

Sublime Bola Massage Care 50 min (complementary)

  • Pregnant woman 50 minutes

    Discover these enveloping lissages integrating a sound massage ball in order to all the changes related to pregnancy and find a relaxed and light body. relaxed and light body.
    This massage can be done at different stages of pregnancy. at the spa reception desk. A 20-minute future parents workshop is available in addition to this treatment. Please ask at the spa reception desk.

Brazilian Massage Care 50 min (complementary)

  • Tailor-made 50 minutes

    Find a relaxed body and a refined silhouette thanks to this treatment inspired by traditional Brazilian traditional Brazilian medicine with draining and detoxifying maneuvers for the body and mind.
    To be customized with your spa practitioner in detox, slimming, lightness and relaxation.

Indian Ayurvedic Massage Care 50 min

  • Deep tonic 50 minutes

    Enjoy this massage inspired by the traditional Abhyanga with hot oil. The alternation of slow and fast maneuvers loosens tensions and awakens the body.

Sublime Polynesian Massage Care 50 min / 80 min (complementary)

  • Letting go 50 min / 80 min

    Inspired by the slow rhythms of Lomi-Lomi, this massage inherited from the healers of healers of Polynesia with delicate notes of tropical flowers accompany you throughout of this treatment, for a deep relaxation experience.


Live a unique and unforgettable experience, combining beauty of the body, the face and happiness! These Grand Rituals allow you to enjoy a combination of several treatments depending on the desired benefit. Let yourself be guided by the traditions of world medicines, their secrets and unforgettable fragrances for 2 hours and more of pure well-being...

Grand Ritual of the Hammam 1h50

  • Argan Divine 1h50

    Escape to the heart of oriental traditions and experience the great Moroccan rituals, including :
    - Hammam Stretch
    - A Traditional Oriental Massage Care 50 min

Grand Ritual Sublime of Polynesia 1h50 / 2h20

  • Ultimate Relaxation 1h50 / 2h20

    Inspired by Polynesian beauty traditions, this ritual allows for an immediate release of tension, including :
    - A Hammam Aromas & Colors
    - A Sublime Scrub with Monoï of Tahiti
    - A Sublime Polynesian Massage Care 50 or 80 min

Grand Imperial Youth Ritual 1h50

  • KO BI DO Supreme 1h50

    Drawing from the world's best beauty and skincare traditions, this ritual brings you the ultimate in ultimate rejuvenation, including :
    - A Hammam Aromas & Colors
    - A Back Massage Care
    - KO BI DO Facial Massage 50 min

Great Bliss Ritual for Two 1h50

  • Relaxation in Duo 1h50

    Share an unforgettable moment of well-being and relaxation for two. This ritual allows you to live a experience to regain energy and harmony, including :
    - A Hammam Aromas & Colors
    - An Aromatic Scrub with Spices
    - An Indian Ayurvedic Massage 50 min

Grand Ritual Heavenly Day 2h50

  • Customizable 2h50

    Compose your own wellness journey from our world's best beauty rituals, for a unique holistic experience, including :
    - A Hammam Aromas & Colors
    - A scrub of your choice
    - A 50-minute Body Massage treatment of your choice
    - One 50-minute Facial Massage treatment of your choice